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STAUNTON EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE. (Augusta Co.) 1912 Formed with 15 members May 4th Chairman Dr. Chertsey Hopkins DeJarnette (Mrs) Dead Secretary Mrs.Julia Nelson Sublett 1912 June 13th. Chairman Rep- Vice-Chairman Mrs, E. B. Lipscomb Secretary Mrs. Julia Nelson Sublett moved to Ohio Treasurer Mrs. Ashby Warden (resigned) moved away Directors: Mrs. W.W.Gibbs elected moved to [Penn?] Mrs. Stuart Robinson moved to Orange, Va- Mrs. R.M. Guy - dead Mrs. R.R.N. Stout Miss D.V. Graves - very busy nurse who runs a convalescent home - 307 N. Lewis St. Miss Ella Noon = now Mrs. O'Connor 1913 June 7th Present Membership 58 Oct.11-13 President Mrs. W.W. King & 69 members 1914 Nov. - Chairman: Mrs. W. W. King (Fannie Bayly). 29th Vice-Chairman: Mrs. E. B. Lipscomb Secretary: Mrs. J. N. Sublett moved to Ohio Treasurer: Mrs. W. W. Gibbs Present Membership 74. 1915 (Fanny Bagley) Nov. 10 President Mrs. W. W. King, Staunton, ("The Kalorama") Secretary Mrs. Mrs. Julia Nelson Sublett moved to Ohio Treasurer Mrs. K.R.N. Stout. v 15 S. Coalter St. Mrs. Jacob Yost Membership -- 84 Mrs. Herbert McK. Smith The Waverley, [Sherwood?] St., Staunton Wanted an Institute & is interested in citizenship-