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Report of Staunton League. 1915 - Richmond, Va President Mrs. W. W. King Vice President Mrs. Jacob Yost Secretary Miss Lucy Catlett Treasurer Mrs. K. R. N Stout The first event of importance was a visit to the League from Mrs, Kate Waller Barret who spoke in the ball room of the Virginia Hotel, Wednesday, Jan 26th, to an enthusiastic audience of nearly four hundred people. Many signatures were secured. on the 26th of February Mr. McDowell, pastor of Emmanuel Church, spoke at the residence of Mrs. Yost on your Girl and Mine. He was heard with vast attention by a crowded house and a committee was appointed to make arrangements to bring the moving picture to Staunton. May 5th the picture was shown here and Mrs. Putney spoke between sets afternoon and evening. There was a record breaking house at night. The interest was great and many who had never given suffrage a thought began to consider it seriously. On Thursday, Sept. 2nd, Mrs. Valentine spoke at the Shenandoah fair grounds from an automobile. Just as many people as could come with the sound of her voice were crowded around in to take their places. Many, I should say at least a hundred and fifty, stayed from the time they arrived until Mrs. Valentine finished speaking. Many reminded to speak with her; the more formal asked for an introduction, but most of them seemed to feel that the speech had been a warrant for handshake. Thursday, October 21st, Mrs. Rae Copley Raun of San Diego California, spoke to the League at Mrs. Yosts. She had many interesting things to tell. Mrs, Marden, one of the workers in Nassau Co., N. Y., joined the League at the meeting, Nov. 18th. called upon to speak, she urged the members to let their light shine, especially urging [illegible] to use the stamp on their checks Votes for Women, Ms. W. W. King President