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IDENTIFICATION DISCHARGEE CERTIFICATE Certificate of Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard Officer.

THE HOLDER is traveling at own expense and is entitled to SPECIAL COACH FARE authorized account;

(a) Discharge, or (b) Retirement or release from active duty and not entitled to travel on transportation requests, if presented within 30 days from date of discharge, retirement, or release.

From (Place of discharge, retirement or release) [illegible - Pt.? St.?] George G. Meade, Md To (Home or place of enlistment or induction, or place of employment)Toms Brook Va.

(Date of discharge, retirement or release) 21 Nov - 45

(Signature of certifying officer.) William M. Hinton

(Rank and organization on account of which issued.) WILLIAM M HINTON CAPT AGD EPARATION CTR FT GEO G MEADE MD

Ticket Agent will take up this certificate, nothing thereon form and number of ticket issued, and forward with ticket report to Auditor, stamping back hereof with regular ticket dater.

(Description of ticket.) Form No.

This certificate must be presented to ticket agent to obtain reduced fare ticket.

When this certificate is properly executed and presented with officially executed discharge, retirement or release papers, it becomes a specific request of the United States Government that the holder when traveling at own expense, be authorized to purchase a one-way coach ticket at the special reduced fare authorized, account discharge or retirement or release.

The United States Government will not be responsible for the payment of fare for ticket issued in accordance with this certificate.