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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Affiliated with National American Woman Suffrage Association Vice-Presidents Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, Va. Mrs. W. T. Yancey, Bedford, Va. Mrs. C. E. Townsend, Norfolk, Va. Mrs. J. H. Whitner, R. D. 3, Roanoke, Va. Mrs. Faith W. Morgan. R. D. 1, Hampton, Va. Treasurer Mrs. E. G. Kidd, Richmond, Va. Auditor Mrs. S. M. Block, Richmond, Va. President Mrs. B. B. Valentine, Richmond, Va. Chairman Committee on Protection of Woman's Labor Mrs. D. Miles Taylor, Richmond, Va. Chairman Food Production and Conservation Mrs. John G. Munce, Richmond, Va. Chairman Woman Citizen Subscriptions Miss Helen Stockdell, Richmond, Va. Recording Secretary Miss Roberta Wellford, University, Va. Executive and Press Secretary Mrs. Edith Clark Cowles, Richmond, Va. Headquarter's Secretary Miss Ida M. Thompson, Richmond, Va. Chairman Congressional Committee Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, Va. Chairman Political Study and Research Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke, Richmond, Va. State Headquarters 100 North 4th Street, Richmond, Va. Wadesville, Va. 9 - 16 - 1919. Mrs. Robert Barton, Winchester, Va. My dear Mrs. Barton:- This evening's Times Dispatch, (Richmond), contains a letter from the Va. President of the Ass'n. Opposed to Suffrage, addressed to Elihu Root of the National Security League, regarding celebrations of the annuiversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. This gave me the idea of wiring Mrs. Valentine, asking if she would send you a telegram to be read, if you can arrange it, at the mass meeting Wednesday night. I hope she wl [will] be able to do this, as if it can be carried out, it will give us a little chance for suffrage publicity in Winchester in connection with this meeting, if mention of it can also be gotten into the Star. Certainly such an anniversary is a most fitting time to call attantion to an amendment which carries out in spirit the method of amending our constitution inaugurated during the constitutional convention by one of Virginia's own sons, Mr. Madison. I wish the meeting could pass a resolution endorsing suffrage amendment. The Star said Mr. Omps voted against suffrage, but in reality he voted against a resolution opposing the amendment, so he really supported us. I have the official poll, which I got ewhile in Richmond, and am sure his vote is so recorded on it. However Mrs. Smith says Mr. Omps himself has given Mr. Henry the impression he opposed suffrage. I will write Richmond at once, and verify my poll, and will let you know certainly about this. Probably it will be better to give no publicity to Mr. Omps' position on this matter just now, but I thought it would be a good idea if you and other suffragists should write personally and thank him. I suppose, like all the other politicians, he is trying to keep in with both sides, and that is why he perhaps in some way led Mr. Henry to believe he had opposed us. Please let me know if possible whether Mrs. Valentine sends you a wire, and whether it is possible to have it read at this mass meeting. Sincerely yours, Mary Elizabeth Pidgeon I tried to see you when in town, but you were out. I have a small cut of the suffrage map. Do you think you could induce the Star to publish it?