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serve, to let it be known at the time of the Convention, the time and place it will hold a meeting so that further recommendations may be made by delegates, after which it shall present its report. Sec. 3. An Elections Committee appointed by the President shall conduct the election, which shall be by ballot. Ballots shall be printed with the names of persons nominated. A majority vote of those present and qualified to vote and voting shall constitute an election.

ARTICLE VIII. Departments and Committees. Section 1. The Board of Directors shall designate the Departments, the Standing and Special Committees necessary to carry out the plan of work adopted by the Annual Convention. Sec. 2. The Chairman of State Standing Committees shall be elected by the Board of Directors on the recommendation of the President. The Chairmen may be elected from members of the Board.

ARTICLE IX. FINANCES. Section 1. The money to be raised for State work shall be based upon a budget prepared by the Finance Committee and approved by General Council, previous to the Annual Convention. Sec. 2. One-fourth of all local dues shall be paid to the State League. Sec. 3. The amount of membership dues shall be determined by each city and county league.

ARTICLE X. Representation in Convention. Section 1. Each State Officer, Director, County Chairman, President of a Local League, and each Chairman of State Departments and Standing Committees shall have one vote at the Annual Convention, or other Conventions by virtue of her office; but each individual shall be entitled only to one vote. Section 2. Each Local League may have an additional delegate for each twenty-five members or fraction thereof. Sec. 3. A delegate may be represented by an alternate.

ARTICLE XI. CONVENTIONS. Section 1. An Annual Convention shall be held at a time to be decided at a Board of Directors at which time elections shall take place. Sec. 2. For the transaction of emergency business, the Board shall have power to call a special Convention.

ARTICLE XII. AMENDMENTS. These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting at the Annual Convention, the amendments having been submitted to the Board of Directors in writing and a copy of the proposed amendments having been sent to all Local Leagues at least thirty days before the Annual Convention.

ARTICLE XIII. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY. Robert's Rules of Order revised shall be the authority on all points not covered by the charter and By-Laws of this corporation.

VIRGINIA LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, Incorporated. The Virginia League of Women Voters was incorporated in June, 1927. The certificate of incorporation, or charter, is filed with the State Corporation, Commission and sets forth the name, principal office, purposes, and directors of the corporation. Under the head of "Other Provisions" the certificate states: "This corporation shall be further governed and regulated by By-Laws to be formulated and adopted by this corporation * * * *" The By-Laws of the Virginia League of Women Voters amended and adopted by the Annual Convention of 1927, in conformance with the certificate of incorporation, follow.

BY-LAWS OF THE Virginia League of Women Voters PREAMBLE We, the women of Virginia in conference assembled, realizing our solemn obligations and inspiring opportunities as newly enfranchised citizens, do hereby pledge anew our allegiance to the United States of America, and to the State of Virginia, and declare that in order best to serve the National and the State through an intelligent electorate we believe that it is necessary to foster education in citizenship; and to the end that social conditions may be improved in an orderly manner we advocate such improvement through a program of adequate legislation. For the purpose of carrying out the principles thus enunciated we hereby organize the Virginia League of Women Voters, and establish therefor the following By-Laws.

ARTICLE I. NAME. The name of this Corporation shall be the Virginia League of Women Voters. It shall be affiliated with the National League of Women Voters.

ARTICLE II. OBJECT AND POLICY. Section 1. Object-The object of the Virginia League of Women Voters shall be to stimulate training for citizenship, to suggest and support improved legislation, to secure more efficient government, and to work for International Co-operation. Sec. 2. Policy-The Virginia League of Women Voters urges every woman to become an enrolled voter in the party of her choice, but as an organization it shall be allied with and support no party.