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Norfolk League Women Voters, J.W.C.A. 3 P.M. Oct 26 1928 1. Opening remarks by President, Change on printed program Mr Frank Bain at a later date, also Mrs Ruth Bryan Owen. 2. Minutes of last meeting and previous one - Mrs Haight's report. 3. Treasurer's report, announce her place at table & readiness to receive dues also board decided on a raising of dues for next year. 4. Committee reports - Mrs Newly on Gov's Ball. Mrs Freeman on Election day in the schools - painting ballot boxes, flowers, etc 5. Reading of poem by Wm. Hazelbarth "As falls the silent dews of night so noiseless falls those printed slips." by Mrs. W. W. Freeman. 6. "Loyalty to my party" as it is understood by four representative women of the league. An open forum for discussion that women may be able to make intelligent & wise decisions and have some real contribution to make to whatever party they choose to join. 7 (1) Why I am a Democrat & what obligations are upon me as a voter, as a member of my party and as having held office under it by Miss [crossed out: Sara Leigh Fain] Allthea Serpell 8 (2) Why I am a Republican and what obligations are upon me as one who has voted the straight ticket, belonged to the party club and held office - by Mrs [crossed out: Martin J. Caples.] Frances Ells 9 (3) Why I am an Independent Democrat and under what obligations? by Mrs R W. Stokes Portsmouth 10 (4) Why I am a Progressive Independent by Mrs W. W. Schneider 11. Sample ballot display on blackboard and 18 minutes given to marking and answering questions concerning voting. cook books on display & sale by Mrs C. C. Couper Membership campaign during November 1000 members goal