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Norfolk League Women Voters met for regular Sept. meeting in auditorium J. W. C. A. Sept. 28 at 3 P.M. 50 present 1. Opened by prayer by Dr Ward, Pastor at large of Presbytery of U.S. + [Emintas?] of Buffalo where he was pastor 50 yrs. 93 yrs of age. 2. Secretary absent no minutes 3. Treasurer absent -- asst. treasurer reported only 1/3 membership dues paid in + Pres. announced 1/2 yr. being gone it would soon be necessary to pay 2nd quarterly dues to state 4. Announced business of day was to hear Congressional candidates 5. Mrs Lester Parsons made interesting introduction of Ms [Menalcus?] Laukford, the Republican Candidate. 6. Mr Lankford spoke for thirty minutes or more 7. Pres. announced Mrs [Walis?] Hank would introduce Mr Deal 8. Mrs Hank remarked mostly on her personal acquaintance with Mr Deal + his qualifications as husband father + [Dean?]. 9. Mr Deal spoke ten minutes overtime + gave a strong Eulogy of [Taminarry?] and plea to the [moments?] save Democratic party by being loyal to their lifelong party affiliations. The president called Mr Deal's attention to the fact that women had no life-long party affiliations -- [that?] southern girls had married northern men + northern girls southern men + that up to 8 yrs ago women were told by many husbands fathers brothers + even sons that they must know nothing about parties + politics + be disgraced if they voted. 10. Dr Ward thanked Mr Deal for the opportunity of hearing something he had never heard in his long long life -- an Eulogy of [Taminarry?] + went on to tell what he knew of [Taminarry?] having worked for fifty years in New York 11. Several questions were asked + impromptu speeches made in a few minutes open forum.