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4 14 scribe; but any voter registered prior to that date may be 15 aided in the preparation of his ballot by such officer of election 16 as he himself may designate. Sec. 24. No officer, soldier, seaman or marine of the United 2 Sates army or navy shall be deemed to have gained a residence 3 as to the right of suffrage, in the State, or in any country, 4 city or town thereof, by reason of being stationed therein; nor 5 shall an inmate of any charitable institution or a student in any 6 institution of learning, be regarded as having either gained or 7 lost a residence, as to the right of suffrage, by reason of his lo 8 cation or sorjourn in such institution. Sec. 26. Any person who, is respect to age or residence, 2 would be qualified to bote at the next election, shall be admitted 3 to registration, not withstanding that at the time thereof he is 4 not so qualified, and shall be entitled to vote at said election 5 if then qualified under the provisions of this Constitution. See. 29. No voter, during the time of holding any election 2 at which he is entitled to vote, shall be compelled to perform 3 military service, except in time of war or public danger; to 4 attend any court as suitor, juror, or witness; and no voter shall 5 be subject to arrest under any civil process during his attend 6 ance at election or in going to or returning therefrom. Sec. 32. Every person qualified to vote shall be eligible to