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(1915) The Executive Board of the Equal Suffrage League of Norfolk held its regular monthly meeting at Headquarters Saturday Feb 20, at 11 a. m those present were: Mrs. Townsend, Mrs. Adams, Misses Wentworth, and Goldsmith, Mrs. Van Sweringen, Mrs. Stanworth, and Mrs. Matthews.

It was decided to request the Literature Committee to send for more copies of the pamphlet, "Objections Answered" and to ask Miss mills to come to Headquarters and display literature two days in the week. The question of appointing an Assistant Treasurer came up, but upon motion of Miss Wentworth was laid upon the table to another date. Mrs. Townsend presented a bill for expenses connected with the opening of Headquarters, $6.55. A motion to pay this bill carried unanimously. A motion to change the day for the Executive Board meeting from the fourth to the third Saturday in each month was carried. Miss Cosnahan was nominated and elected second vice-president of the League. Mrs. Adams moved that Mrs. Owens be made Chairman of the Social Afternoons at Headquarters; this motion carried unanimously. The Board voted to thank Mrs. Van Sweringen and Miss Goldsmith for their work on the Picture Show Committee, and to request the former to continue her excellent press work, giving special attention to Headquarters. Three members having subscribed to the Woman's Journal, the President announce that we are to have a folder and keep a copy on the table.

There being no further business, the Board adjourned. S S Matthews (signad) Secretary pro tem.