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Mrs Watson Phone 4: [illegible] Mrs Z.E. Kesstey Frey Popler [ave?] Mrs Lillian Eley 33 poplar ave (479 J Berkley) Mrs A.H Eley " " " [33 poplar ave?] (242J. Fry) Mrs J.W. Hensen Claiborne ave Mrs Johnaher 823 Tunstall Miss E.R. Pelete 1729 Lovitt ave Miss Frances Simpson 18 Poplar ave Mrs F.W. Thorne Lovitt ave Mrs N. Wilson (Mrs C.L.) 718 Brambleton Miss Alma Nicks 113 Berkley ave Miss Rena B. Wright 301 Clay ave teacher South Norfolk Hysky Mrs Z Keistin Berkley phone 36 - hostess [written diagonally down the first page:] Berkley day Wed March [illegible] 1915. Miss Watson 460 W Berkley 400 W [illegible] Mrs I.S. Baker 209 Waplease Berkley Miss May R. Daniel 18 Poplar ave " [Berkley?] Mrs White Mrs H.S. Whittier 23 Hardy ave " [Berkley?] Miss Alma Nicks 113 Berkley ave " [Berkley?] Mrs Frances Simpson 18 Poplar " " [Berkley?] Mone suggest Mrs A.H. Eley 33 " " " [Poplar ave Berkley?] } hostess Mrs Frey phone 242 J. Mrs Lilliam " [Eley?] " " " " [33 Poplar ave Burkley?] Mrs Surinley 460 W Berkley [written upside down on page 1:] Mrs [illegible] Mrs Killan Mrs Kasitle Walter Taylor Alice Low[illegible] Knike Collins Jorden club Mrs [illegible] for names to [illlegible] Miss Lindsay Oberlin I [written sideways on page 1:] circular tent [illegible] with yellow garlands Buttons, pencils, literature, etc, Suffrage balloons.