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Minits meeting June 9th Many thinking meeting was 4 PM & desiring to hear Mr Williams the pres opened the meeting at 4-17 dispensing with the business until after Col Williams speakes of [?] should jeapodize very own interests I should tell the {?] & let my interest go" 1st woman was a Maryland woman to demand the franchise (?) Wendall Phillips - "God's Greatest Trust" Greatest unteron Political Economy ever lived H enry George - author of greatest book ever written" progress & pon[?]. Henry George Jr is in congress-among the legislators who can always be relied upon to advance the interest in that which belongs to then as a reglet Who is Henry George's mother? are we going to have a com in House this old state immortalized by Jefferson Adams 7 [women] has not remained true to do not despair good men & women who all tradition & custom & prejudices enlisted in a war. They see the handwriting on the wall "Our enemies are our friends" what we want is to advertise our movements. If you women could only convert your own sex & get strong organizations, won;t be long till the men will {?}oop in. Just so long as these men see theirs and likelihood of this suffrage not becoming a real life burning issue just so long they will pay little attention to it. only one thing to do-affect organ after plan of Ill women elect 6 best talkers, women who have descretion - go at it systematically Gel Poll of Legislature, find out how they stand get them to - every mail they open find letters keep at it to save women & girls working in stores for starvation wages.