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Friday October 15 1915 Minutes last meeting Treasurer's report - phone Goldsmith to bring it. Miss Adele Clark - street speaking very crowded, can't enter as nice & would like - volunteer hospitality? advertise in program Opend Dolly Varden - Day nursery - 3-5-10 Mrs Hooker Will someone offer auto and get man to introduce adele Courtland - Franklin - Miss Pretlow, of St Louis , Miss Page Sebrell Retums from Election New Jersey Tuesday headquarters. Pres. Wilson & cabinet - we must make hay in the sunshine of President's smile. with a Va for Pres. & Va. for 1st lady of the land - we might expect to reap a real harvest of names on our petitions in the next few weeks. Every woman take a petition & keep it constantly with her. Who will give their W. J's to carry to Courtland? Mrs Valentine has covered 70 of 100 counties in Va. Woman's Journal of this week - more subscribers Miss Duvall's address.