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Norfolk Equal Suffrage League MRS. A. C. DILLINGHAM, President 427 FAIRFAX AVE. Norfolk, Va.,

First Vice-President--MRS. GEORGE PARKE Second Vice-President--MRS. FERGUS REID Third Vice-President--HON. WINDHAM R. MAYO Fourth Vice-President--DR. W. E. DRIVER Recording Secretary--MRS. L. C. MATTHEWS Corresponding Sec'y--MISS MAY NOTTINGHAM Treasurer--MRS. C. C. COUPER Honorary Vice-Presidents-- MRS. LOUISE COLLIER WILLCOX MISS. ELLEN DUVAL CHAIRMAN OF STANDING COMMITTEES Finance--MRS. C. S. STANWORTH Lecturer and Entertainment--MRS. LUCIEN STARKE Assistant--MISS MARGARET DAVIS Literature--MRS. RICHARD TUCKER Membership--MISS LEE EURE Press--MISS ELIZABETH COOKE Legislation--MRS. C. E. TOWNSEND Speaker--MRS. LOUISE COLLIER WILLCOX Honorary Vice-Presidents MRS. W. J. ADAMS MISS ETHEL NEELY

Program for Friday announce Dr Shaw's coming " Nat. Conn. 12 to 15 Dec. 1917 Wash. Poli's Theater Explain delegations to senators & congressmen call roll county chairman & ask each--how many in districts how many captains under you & who The Purpose of this Convention is to complete the district organization in order to adequately assist in the Federal Drive one petition in Deep Creek precinct of Norfolk County has already been filled--ask her to tell how she did it. Phone Mrs. Ryan or write to her. Have petitions ready to give out to each one Have tables of literature, citizens, buttons, pencils etc. to sell Appoint two to make engagement to see Q. C. Davis & Channing Hall--Miss Brooke & Miss Davis & get names on petitions Norfolk League women must app. com. to call upon Dodson & Cherry & get their signatures Princess Anne County must get county chairman of both parties also Mr Geo. T Snead &.--- See that House Committee Tuesday puts up banner & Map in window & get chairs for Friday, flags and plenty of heat [underlined]. All petitions must be sent to me before Dec. 10th Monday. Phone Mrs. Wilcox--what she has done with Suffolk--ask Holland to see committee here before Nov. 29th. etc [strikethrough] Get petitions run in the paper--maybe Ledger-Dispatch Fed. Const. was adopted by 9 of 13 states