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1st Vice-President -- Mrs. H.H. Jones 2138 W. 36st street 2nd Vice-President--Mrs. G.L.P Stone % U.S.S. Richmond, Navy Yard Rec. Sec'y--Miss Sarah Sandridge 150 Main Street, Berkley Cor, Sec'y--Mrs. C.E.Townsend 245 W.Freemason Street

Equal Suffrage League of Norfolk Mrs. W.J. Adams, President, 601 Colonial Avenue

Treasuer--Mrs. C.C.Couper SOS Botetourt Apt. Ass't Treas.--Miss Florence Whitehead 223 W. 28th Street Honorary Vice-Presidents: Miss Ellen Duval Mrs. Barton Myers Mrs. Carey Weston

Norfolk, Virginia

Since the State Convention met in Norfolk one year ago, the annual report of the Norfolk League to this body begins with the 10 days' session of the convention held in the Green Room of the Lynnhaven Hotel, the regular meeting place of the Norfolk League. Such impetus was given to the cause of suffrage by that convention that many names were added to the membership list and new workers appeared who have kept steadily in harness all the year. The regular yearly election of officers due in November was deferred until after the National Convention and occurred December 3rd, the following officers being elected, viz: Mrs. Pauline Forstall Adams, President, Mrs. H.H. Jones first Vice-Presient, Mrs. O.L.P, Stone Second Vice-President, Miss Sandridge recording secretary; Mrs. O.F. Townsend, corresponding Secretary; Mrs. C.C Couper, Treasurer, Miss Whitehead, assistant treasurer. The Honorary Vice-Presidents are, Miss Ellen Duval, Mrs. Darton Myers, and Mrs Carey Weston. There were some three hundred members at the time of the election only eight seven of whom were paying the regular dues of fifty cents a year. The latter only were considered eligible to vote. There are now three hundred fifty-two names signed on the membership cards of which a hundred and twenty-three pay regular dues. Hundreds of the other names have been signed to the petitions sent to congress and the legislature and are still being circulated for the coming legislature. The growth of the League necessitated a local constitution and by-laws which, after much labor and thought, were formulated and adopted. The by-law provided for the following committees, finance,literature, membership entertainment and press, all of which