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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia NORFOLK, VA., PRESIDENT-PAULINE FORSTALL ADAMS 400 COLONIAL AVENUE PHONE 1014 SECRETARY-MISS SARAH SANDRIDGE 150 MAIN STREET, BERKLEY PHONE 312, BERKLEY TREASURER-MRS. CHAS. TOWNSEND 209 FREEMASON STREET PHONE 3189 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT-MRS. HARRY M. BAIN 5 E. RALEIGH AVENUE 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT-MRS. WM. L. TAIT 416 MOBRAY ARCH HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS LOUISE COLLIER WILCOX ETHEL NEELEY ELLEN DUVAL The Norfolk paper reported in big headlines "The police made suffragettes move on", but it was only from pavement to monument so they would not obstruct traffic -such is newspaper publicity. 3 also spoke at an afternoon meeting at Portsmouth where they were introduced by the Mayor, and at a night meeting in Norfolk. Miss Laura Clay of Kentucky, lectured, memorably, one evening; Miss Lucy Burns and Miss Julia Latrop favored us with a Sunday afternoon for which we hired the Colonial theatre and gave at the doors some five hundred copies of the noted speech of Edward Taylor of Col. before Congress. Mrs. Barrow, State President of the M.D. League at an afternoon evening meeting told us interestingly of how the Equal Suffrage amendment was put through that state. Miss Rosalie Jones talked five minutes between acts at a matinee of the Colonial Theatre and drew a large audience the same evening in the lecture room of the Lynnhaven. Among the speakers on other evenings were Mr. Dave Sec'y National Cham. of Commerce "The duty that lies nearest" W. R. Morton, U. S. Immigration Inspector, Dr. Schenck, City Health Officer, "Social Evil" Mr. Walbridge, Atty. at law, "Women's place in Politics" Mr. C. R. Keiley editor of the News, "The Sphere of women" Dr. C. P. Wertenbaker, U. S. Public Health Service, "Eugenics" A lecture since published in the N.Y. Medical Journal. Lieut. Commander C. P. Shaw on "Political Economy" Mr. Grant Atty-at-law "Weights and Measures" Mrs. Isaacs, formerly of Richmond, Va. now of Cal. told of having voted. Dr. Peatross, "Objects of the Citizens Party." Rev. Mr. Robinson, "Woman Suffrage." Rev. Mr. Boothe "Feminism" Rev. Dr. Blackwell, Militant Suffragists and Psychology of Suffrage." Police Justice [illegible] "Absurdities of our Criminal System"