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President -- Pauline Forstall Adams 400 Colonial Avenue Phone 1014 Secretary--Miss Sarah Sandridge 150 Main Street, Berkley Phone 312, Berkley Treasurer --Mrs. Chas, Townsend 209 Freemason Street Phone 3189

Equal Suffrage League of Virginia

1st Vice President--Mrs. Harry M.Bain 5 E. Raleigh Avenue 2nd Vice-President -- Mrs. WM, l> Tait 416 Mobray Arch Honorary Vice-Presidents Louise Collier Wilcox Ethel Neeley Ellen Duval

4 Norfolk, Virginia

At the afternoon meetings we had Mrs. Bell, U.S.N. Women in Panama. Rev. Burwell, "Orphans." Mr. Vandeventer, "Pre-Requisits for Voting in Virginia." Councilmen Macon, Summers and Pitt--City Council. Mr. Heck. Atty-at-law. "Laws Concerning Women and Children" Mr. Stancell, Atty-at-law----" Improved Legislation for the protection of young women. Rev. I'Anson, "World's Peace Society" Mrs. Claiborne Catlin, Grad. of N.Y. School of Philantrophy "Social Work." The President and first vice president have had drawn plans for a floating raft to be partly submerged in the lake in the city park for the use of poor children who cannot go to the beaches to bathe in the summer. The plans have met with the approval of the city Health Officer who hopes to get the city to use them next summer. Mrs. Adams Our president has invented a game called "Politics which teaches Politics and Equal Suffrage in an entertaining way, and is being Sold in many Leagues the proceeds to go for the cause of suffrage. Two hundred have been donated to the national Association; and she has obtained by request of the Social Federation of Richmond, the signatures of six philantropic organizations and others, endorsing the bill raising the age of consent. We have a beautiful and costly banner given by Mrs. Annie Savage and another made by the president Mrs. Adams. The Norfolk League Pledged and paid during the year, $25.00 to the National, $10.00 to the Washington March 3rd parage, and five dollars to the Washington banquet pledge on July 31st. We close the year with an empty treasury but no debts. The date for the next election of officers is set for November 14th and we are hoping that the work done this year will be but the beginning of greater things done [in pencil in margin] Besides our dues to state