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5 next year, and that the next State Convention will find us with full fledged headquarters and a paid secretary. Respectfully submitted, Jessie E. Townsend cor. sec'y Probably you would like to know how we raised money. Well I believe we went about it in a truly feminine way, the [w]ay women have raised things since time immemorial, a little here and a little there, everlastingly at it. A member who had a vacuum cleaner rented it to other members so much a day, the proceeds going into the treasury of the league. Another whose cook made fine loaf bread and pies had a standing weekly order from another member; one who found she had put up an over supply of catsup, brandied peaches, jelly and so forth, sold the surplus for the treasury, another member used her typewriter and spare hours, we had one card-party. We passed the hat at most of our evening gatherings. We went down into our own pockets as often as necessary and last but not least kept our expenses down to the minimum.