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The regular, weekly meeting of the Equal Suffrage League of Norfolk was called to order by the President, in the Green Room of the Lynnhaven Hotel, Tuesday, December 8, at 4:30 pm. The attendance was the largest League has never had at a business meeting. After calling the meeting to order, Mrs Adam resigned the chair to Mrs. Bain, third vice president, as the names of the President and the first and second Vice President were mentioned for the Presidency. The reading of the xx was differed with and the League passed at once to the election of officers. At Mrs. Adam's suggestion, Mrs.Townsend read a list of the qualified voters, consisting of all paid-up members - 88 in all. Several members then paid their dues and were added to the list. The question of proxy voting then came up Mr.s Adam's resumed. The chair for a few moments to explain that there would be no proxies taken, as it is not consistent in the State or not xx organization. Mrs. Wilcox rejected to Mr.s Adams' presence in the chair and she again gave way to Mrs.Bain. The question of proxies provoked a lot discussion. The ladies present differed in their opinions, and the men declared that proxy voting is illegal and unprecedented except in cases where financial interest are involved. When the question was front, the League declared against proxy voting by a large majority of those present. A number of members promptly withdrew from the meeting. Immediately, Miss Evelyn Sarhall made a motion to adjourn and most pour the election. This motion was recorded and another warn discussion followed. Those who wished a postpone.