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ment declared that there was a misunderstanding about the use of proxies and the absent members should be notified before election; those opposed declared that the voting had never been done by proxy and that the date of the election had been duly advertised. Mrs. H. H. Jones stated just here that when the membership committee authorized her to notify people of the election, she was told to ask them to come, not to send proxies. The question was called for, but Mr. Stone, on requesting and being granted the courtesy of the floor, declared the motion to be out of order and advised the president not to put it before the house. Mr. Bruce was of contrary opinion. Mrs Bain, after hearing the discussion, ruled the motion out of order and decreed that the election should go on. Miss Ethel Neeley then arose and withdrew her name as a candidate for the presidency, also that of Mrs. Willcox, after which, at Mrs. Bain's request, Mrs. Willcox took the chair. The withdrawal of the other two candidates left Mrs. Adams' name the only one before the house. A motion was made to make her election unanimous, but she objected and moved that new nominations be made by ballot. This motion was carried, and the new nominees were Mrs. H. H. Jones, Mrs. Chas. Townsend, Mrs. Bain, and Miss Neeley. The three last-named ladies withdrew their names, leaving only Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Jones on the ticket. The vote was then taken by ballot; result: Mrs. Adams, 24; Mrs. Jones, 14. Mrs. Adams was therefore declared elected. As the hour was growing late, a motion was made and carried that