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Delegates. Mrs. H. H. Jones. Mrs. J. Cloyd Byars (one ) Mrs. Bain will entertain one Couper, Mrs. Chas. Miss Neeley (will entertain two) Mrs. C. E. Townsend ( " " two Mrs. Willcox will entertain two Mrs. Adams (will entertain two) or 3? will entertain one " " ? Mrs. Mont Osborne will entertain one. " Jones " " one (or more?) Miss Langley " " two Mrs. R. W. Shuldice " " one " " one. Mrs. Cary Weston 2 probably Mrs. A. A. Garcelon " " one Mrs. Savage " " one (Mrs. Smith [illegible] Mrs. B. Chaloner " " one Mrs. Washington Mrs. Christian Lynch Miss Fitzhugh Fred Mrs. Durham J. W. Rd Mrs. & Miss Crump Rd Mrs. F. L. Jobson & Mrs. J. T. Jobson Rd Cor. Mrs Dexter Otey Lyn (or Mrs Lena Wills) Rd & Mrs [Rostrup?] Mrs. S. W. Richardson of Marion. Miss Steele Cov Mrs. Washington from Princess Anne Mrs Annie Bannister Lyn (sister of Carter Glass) Mrs. Valentine Rucker Lyn Mrs. S. M. Smithdeal Rd Misses Castle of Staunton