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TANNERS CREEK, Lafayette Precinct #2 Ribble, Mrs. Willie W. Roberts, Mrs. Lu R. Russell, Mrs Nannie V.

Sneely, Mrs. Eliza J. Sheritt, Mrs. Nannie L. Singleton, Mrs. Lucy J. Smith, Mrs. Katherine K. Smith, Mrs. Lucy E.

Sullivan, Alma M. Mrs. Swann, Mrs. Rachel K.

Thomas, Miss Ella Tillett, Mrs. Sallie A

Volke, Mrs. Elizabeth W.

Warrick, Mrs. Annie G. Wray, Mrs. Ethel Corbin

[next column] SEWELLS POINT , Princinct [sic]

Baylor, Mrs. Mary McIntosh Baylor, Miss Rosalie B. Baylor, Miss Katherine L. Baylor, Miss Elizabeth W. Bredick, Mrs. Mary Hope

Carter, Mrs. Mary Hope Couselman, Mrs. Mary Lu Cromwell, Mrs. Stanley I.

Dale, Miss Anna

Foster, Miss Rhar Dingham

Glennan, Miss Mary Bell Godwin, Mrs. Alma I. Graham, Mrs. Ruth Tunstin Graves, Mrs. Eugenia H.

Hayden, Miss Dorothy

Ironmonger, Miss Leila F

Keister, Mrs. Jenvia M. Kelly, Mrs. Mary Booker

Little, Mrs. Annie M. Little, Mrs Evan Evons

Martin, Mrs. Mary L. Montague, Mrs. Celcina N. R.

Neff, Mrs. Lucy T.

Peters, Miss Irene D.

Saunders, Mrs. Cleo Scott, Mrs. Rosemary White

Thompson, Mrs. Helen T. Tilley, Mrs. Lelia W. [Tilley?], Mrs. Susan D.

Wellham, Miss Clara E. Webster, Mrs. Estelle L. Webster, Miss Katherine J. Wein, Mrs. Sarah Henrietta