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TANNERS CREEK, Lafayette Precinct #2 Ribble, Mrs. Willie W. Roberts, Mrs. Lu R. Russell, Mrs Nannie V.

Sneely, Mrs. Eliza J. Sheritt, Mrs. Nannie L. Singleton, Mrs. Lucy J. Smith, Mrs. Katherine K. Smith, Mrs. Lucy E.

Sullivan, Alma M. Mrs. Swann, Mrs. Rachel K.

Thomas, Miss Ella Tillett, Mrs. Sallie A

Volke, Mrs. Elizabeth W.

Warrick, Mrs. Annie G. Wray, Mrs. Ethel Corbin

[next column] SEWELLS POINT , Princinct

Baylor, Mrs. Mary McIntosh Baylor, Miss Rosalie B. Baylor, Miss Katherine L. Baylor, Miss Elizabeth W. Bredick, Mrs. Mary Hope

Carter, Mrs.