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Your Girl and Mine Not only as an argument for suffrage, but as a play with a story, a "punch" and a mission, "Your Girl and Mine" was produced under the direction of the National American Women's Suffrage Association. Olive Wyndham forsook the "legitimate" stage for the time to pose as the heroine of the play. Katherine Kaelred, leading lady of "Joseph and His Brethren," took the part of a woman lawyer battling for the right. Sydney booth, of "The Yellow Ticket" company, posed as the hero of the experiment. John Charles and Katherine Henry played the villain and the "honest working girl". About three hundred secondaries were engaged along with the principals. It is melodrama of the most thrilling sort in spite of the fact that there is a moral concealed in the very title of the play. But who is worried by a moral in a play which has an exciting hand-to-hand fight between a man and a woman in one of the earliest acts- when the quick march of events range from a wedding to a murder and an automobile abduction scene that breaks all former speed records. "THE CAUSE" comes in most subtly and poetically, a symbolic figure that "fades in and fades out" at critical periods in the plot. Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, the famous suffrage leader, appears personally in the film. "Your Girl and Mine" is a big play with a big mission built on a big scale. It is a whole evening's entertainment and a very interesting evening at that. WORLD FILM CORPORATION LEWIS J. SELZNICK, Vice-President and General Manager HOME OFFICE: 130 W. 46th ST., NEW YORK [graphic] STRAND THEATRE Grandby Street Monday, -Feb. 15th One Day Only