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VIRGINIAN-[PILOT] Suffs Convene Here Friday All-Day Session Expected to Add Impetus To Cause in Norfolk Five Counties Will Send Representatives Arrangements for the program of the district suffrage convention to be held all day Friday, May 16, at the Monticello hotel are practically complete. Suffrage workers here who have been leaders in former city organizations feel that this convention will add a great deal of impetus to the work in Norfolk. The five counties included in the fifth district will be represented at the meeting. A large number of women from out of town will stay over from the Galli-Curci concert to be given the night before the convention. Mrs. Charles E. Townsend, who as district chairman, has called the meeting is particularly anxious for newcomers in the city to feel free to attend the session. Several out-of-town speakers as well as a number of Norfolk women appear on the program. Other speakers may be added before the meeting. Mrs. J. Westmore Willcox, who has been identified with suffrage work actively for many years, will make the address of welcome. Among the out-of-town speakers are Mrs. John H. Lewis of Lynchburg, first congressional chairman and first vice-president; Miss Adele Clark of Richmond, state legislative chairman, and Mrs. Eudoro Ramsey Richardson, of Richmond, government publicity expert of the fifth federal reserve district. Rev. G. Herbert Ekins will be one of the principal speakers of the afternoon session. Five-minute talks will be made by the following women representing various organizations of the city; Mrs. C.S. Stanworth, Housewives' League, and Miss Maud Hobbs, Y.W.C.A.; Miss Grace Muse, court work for girls; Miss Margaret Bridge, W.C.C.S., and Mrs. W.W. Freeman, Florence Crittenden Home For Girls. Immediately following the district meeting, a meeting of the city workers will be held at which the annual election of officers will take place. A number of definite plans have been mapped out by the leaders as necessary work the league will take up upon its reorganization. The goal of the workers is now, not so much to obtain the ballot as to teach women how to use it intelligently when it is given to them. Most all suffrage leaders are of the opinion that is only a question of time until women all over the country will be given the right to vote and it is up to them to prepare for that time.