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We want branch leagues in every gathering of women hamlet in the land in order that women, may obtain all political knowledge first hand & free from party bias. It recommends that women go into the parties for it is thru the political parties they must work. They furnish the machine through which women to reach the public, keep the public informed & through which the public conscience is created, but the League's influence will certainly be killed if it should ally itself with any party. It must support and assist women of all parties. If women prove themselves big enough to rise above party conservatism and inspire their respective parties to put up clean men & conduct clean & fair elections, they will secure better legislation & accomplish the greatest things that have ever been done. If on the contrary they allow themselves to be talked into present party ways & habits & be timid or cowarly about standing for principles sharing all things done open and above board they will bring nothing into the parties that can cleanse their ways and certainly then can expect no gains. When Becky Bolling in the Ledger-Dispatch a few weeks ago called herself a doubting Thomas as to whether the vote was going to bring us women everything we wanted, I wanted to answer- "It remains with you Becky - with you and all the other doubting Thomas women who are leaders in your environment." Your followers are many and unless you meet the Truth face to face they will never recognize it. Unless you put your pointing fingers into the nail prints of facts and thrust your capable hands into the yawning evidence that women have spent their lives to give you, both you & they will fail to grasp the understanding of Democracy, fail to use its tool of expression, the ballot, as Truth would have you use it. It depends on what you women really want most, whether the things enumerated so splendidly, child & home welfare and the highest development of community interests, or personal position, flatterly worldly gain, [illegible] the same underlying emotions that have caused men to make politics "filthy" really, actuate your deeds," Only the future will tell. Women's testing time is coming: also woman's wonderful opportunity to show her full strength. of character It is the candid opinion of yours truly that human nature is the sand in both. Therefore the only good I look for in woman suffrage is the encouragement & reinforcements to the good man he politics.