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1. Why women worked for suffrage a. Great women in every state far seeing b. Great men acquiesced when reminded c. Most women too busy with constructive home keeping d. only small percentage educated sufficiently to think beyond First-Same reason men worked-pure Democracy-"people" Second-What every Mother- every Teacher knows. Source of Democracy Third-Opportunity for self development - self expression slave mothers make decadent governments- willing slaves 2. Women worked for suffrage since colonial days a. Men fought inch by inch for Manhood Suffrage. b. Militant women suffragettes argued that since we had to get women s. from men, use methods they understood c. Dr Anna Howard Shaw said "absurd women to try physical force" d. Nat. A.W.S.A. 70 yrs Petitioned Congress 50 yrs. e. state by state women won, finally Wilson went to Congress f. Suffrage Amendment passed and ratified. g. Slackers today peace time sleepers, former War workers 3. Organization League of Women Voters