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Moto. "The most powerful factors in the world today are clear ideas in the minds of energetic men + women of good will" Committee Conferences and luncheons State presidents dinner Local " " Regional dinners Democratic women's luncheon - Mrs. Emily Newell Blair Republican " " Banquet for Lord Robert, Mrs. [illegible], Mrs. Strachy Reception by Woman's Club Mrs. Page, Minnesota legislator, says men often say on the floor "The L. of W. Voters want so + so or say so + so - no other association stands high in their estimation Team has 50-50 representation on election boards + committees that leaves women to sum against women only + not disturb the men Savannah Georgia defeated the Ring with its dead men voting "There are no dead women voters said little Mrs. Chamberlain St. Louis League has 3 presidents- a dem. a repub. + an Independent They endorse bills or candidates as they choose. A Rep. governor signed the bill introduced by Dem. Women of League Permanent Rummage sale Social (house) luncheons, dinners, and teas Campaign for 25 ct members thru ward chairmen by house to house canvas explaining aims of work