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Opening day will be (called members day) Fri. the 12th. 4 to 5 after which tea will be served. Invitations have been sent to all the local leagues, Merrimac 1. Equal Suffrage L. of Ports. Hampton and Newport News E.S. League Just Gov. League of Princess County. There will be a programme of music and five minute speeches. from the presidents of these leagues and some out of town speakers. After this programme tea will be served. Decorations will be of the suffrage colors and yellow and white and a yellow flower will be given away together with suffrage literature. known. Every afternoon short talks will be given from speakers well around town between 4 and 5. These speeches will be on civic betterment in its relation to the vote for women. Suffrage school will be held Tues and Thurs afternoon from 4 to 5 for a period of three weeks. Members will be pleased to know that they may pay their dues at suffrage headquarters, as the time is drawing near when the yearly dues must be sent to the state treasurer. Tickets will be on sale all during the week at headquarters for the moving picture. Your Girl and Mine, to be at the Strand Feb. 15th. The Suffrage league will be very glad to open a woman's exchange D. in connection with the headquarters. Women who desire to take advantage of this opportunity will make it known at headquarters as soon as possible.