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Just a Kindly Word To each and every one who have not availed themselves of the privilege and opportunity of VOTING. The first duty of a good citizen, is to cast an informed and conscientious vote. Are you satisfied with things as they are? You have no right to complain if you have made NO effort to change the condition to which you object. You say you are not interested in Politics. - Are you interested in schools, playgrounds, free text books and the we welfare of the future. The tax rate effects you, whether you own property or not. Do you not realize that every increase in taxes is passed on to you in the increased cost of rent, food, clothes, amusements and, in fact, every thing you have to buy? All these things, and many more, in which you shound [sic] be vitally concerned, are controlled by the BALLOT. You might as well say you will have nothing to do with AIR as to say you will have no nothing to do with politics. Government, is his, who cares to make it his. Get rid of the idea that politics need be "dirty." Governments are established for the "safety and well-being of the people." Can't you grasp, the fact that it is only the carelessness and indifference of the good people to vote; that has given the "Political Boss," his chance to "Rule," with a minority vote? Not until the voice of all the good people is heard through the casting of ballots will we have "CLEAN" Government. Any woman, who has never paid poll-taxes, owes now $5.09, which will never be less; and will be collected whether she avails her self of the privilege of voting, or not. The unpaid poll taxes is the story of the States' lack of adequate school facilities, public highways etc. But, most deplorable, of all, the neglect of Citizenship; the unwillingness of the good people to bear the burden of responsibility for the proper conduct of affairs of a State that should belong to the People and no to the "Politician." If WE can get the majority of the good people to Vote - Virginia's Governmental troubles will end promptly and Gloriously. Woman's Registration Committee, Townsend Bldg., City. 251 Main St. (For further information, call 30038.)