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BURKEVILLE EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE. [handwritten above:]Nottoway Organized May 15th-1914. 40 members Chairman: Mrs. George V. Scott Sec 'y Miss Hallie L. Hughes

Sept 1914 membership 40 1917 May 10, President Mrs. George V. Scott, Burkeville, Va. [handwritten note:]has moved to Hilton Village Va. V-Pres. Mrs. Mattie Fowlkes, " Secretary Mrs. M. D. Sasnett, " Treasurer, Mrs. F. V. Fowlkes, " Membership 55

Miss C. L. Stoakley, Blackstone - (teacher)

Mrs. C.O. Burton, Crewe {Has petition blanks & will get names Mrs. D.F. Peters, Crewe { husband is manager of big concern & she will get his signature when he returns Miss A.L. Hamilton, Crewe {goes to Burkeville Sundays & will get someone there to get enrollments

(Mrs. B.B. Valentine [Lila Meade Valentine] spoke in Crewe, May 29, 1914)