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To the Honable the Speaker of the House of Burgesses in [General?] [illegible] not together, This [petition?] of Sundry persons residing on or near to the Fluvanna & Rivanna rivers humbly [illegible], That from the confluences of the said rivers to the nearest Ferry on the Fluvanna River, upwards, is about twenty three miles; that from the [id?] [Confluences?] to the nearest Ferry on the Rivanna river, upwards is about thirty miles, & from the [illegible] [Confluences?] to the nearest Ferry on the main River, downwards, is about eight miles, that your petitioners residing on & near to the [illegible] rivers & having occasion to go to Manchester or Warwick their principal Mart on the South side the main river, on to Richmond their principal Mart on the north side the main river, in order to cross either of [these?] rivers Rivanna or Fluvanna at a Ferry are obliged to go directly up the same the distances beforementioned; that your petitioners residing on the North or South Sides of both the said rivers, or of the main River & having occasion to go [all?] of the [illegible]; are obliged to go to one of the Ferries, beforementioned, which are thirty or forty miles; apart; That a very great number of poor people frequently passing with their families from the Nothern to the Southern Colonies, falling into the road leading down the Country & known by the name of the three notched road, are at present obliged to turn down the same road fourteen miles, to a place known by George [Taynor?] Ordinary; From [illegible] are obliged to go across the country fifteen miles a very bad difficult way before they come to the nearest ferry & after crossing at the [illegible] ferry are obliged to turn a direct course fourteen miles up the Country before they fall into their route again; which distances might be [illegible] to them by a passage across the said river at the Fork: That this would also relieve your Petitioners residing within & near to the said rivers from their difficulties before stated - Your Petitioners therefore pray that a Ferry may be [illegible] from the point of the Fork of the said rivers Rivanna & Fluvanna, to the lands [illegible] to the property of Philip Mayo [illegible] on the south side the [illegible] Fluvanna; from the said point of the Fork to the lands of Samuel Martin on the north side the said Rivanna, & from the lands of the [illegible] Samuel Martin on the north side on the said Rivanna to the said lands [illegible] of the [illegible] Mayo on the south side the said rivers; with such [illegible] of [illegible] as to this House shall seem reasonable & your Petitioners as in duty bound shall [illegible] pray