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5. Air Mail Sept 12th I didnt get to finish the the other day, so here goes again. We screened around Okinawa until a little over a week after the Japs had surrendered there. We had had a grandstand seat for the whole battle there -- at night we could tell just exactly how far our troops had advanced by looking at the lights on the island -- the places we had already taken would be lit up, & the places where the Japs still were would be completely blacked out except for some firing & an occasional star shell which would light up a pretty big area. When the fighting was almost over, only one tip of the island was blacked out & there was all kinds of firing from our troops on one side & the battle ships on the other side, making runs along the shore. About two weeks after the fighting was over there we received orders to start our first "sweeping" operations. We swept an area about 50 miles square in the China Sea just west of Karama Retto, coming in to Buckner Bay (okinawa) every 2 or 3 weeks to re-fuel, get supplies, mail, etc. Our next operation was just off the northern