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10. USN United States Navy

I don't think that will last very long. after they get their quota for the peactime navy they will start turning us guys loose that don't have many points. I guess the fellows who were in the European theatre & are at home now are really having a time. They are getting the gravy on all the jobs & everything else, but I guess they deserve everything they get & more. Just so they don't steal my girl friends I don't min too much. (ha) I guess by the time I get there all the jobs will be gone & the depression will be well under way. Dad, by the time you get this it will be well past Sept. 13th, but I'd still like to wish a Happy Birthday to the grandest dad in the world! I'd like to send you a nice present, but about all they sell on here is soap & cigarettes. Just keep praying for me as I do for you and mother & maybe I will be with you on your next one. By the way, I'm going to have a pretty good