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6. Air Mail coast of Formosa & almost within sight of China. I don't remember the exact dates, but we swept there for a little over a month & then came back to Buckner Bay for about 10 days. It was during that 10 days that we received the news of the surrender. You may have read about the U.S.S. Pennsylvania getting hit by a suicide plane, well, we were anchored just about 300 yds. ff her stern when it happened, just 2 days after the surrender announcement. Sept 15th You're probably tired of reading this already but I've just started. We left Buckner Bay about 4 days after the surrender & started sweeping between Kyushu & the Northern-most Island of the Okinawa group. We swept there until about 4 weeks ago, when we were issued cold weather gear & headed north. We were just 35 miles off the coast of Japan when the surrender was signed in Tokyo Bay and still headed north. We arrived at our destination on the 7th, which was a rendezvous with some ships of the 7th fleet just off the south-east coast of Hokkaido. We swept a lane in front of them into Tsugaru