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9. USN United States Navy Sept 17th Night before last we left the Strait and headed Northwest for another minefield. This one is just off the east coast of Hokkaido. If you will look at a map of Japan you will see a big triangular shaped peninsula on the south east coast of Hokkaido which points almost due south and comes down to a point. I can look out the porthole now and see a volcano on that point. We are only about two miles off the coast. Don't know how long we will sweep here. Didn't get any mines today - we are just sweeping around the edges first before we dive right into the midst of them. - 15 minutes later - Just got a Typhoon warning so we are heading back for Ominato Harbor. That's the best news I've heard, because by now they will be getting a few mail planes up this way. It has been almost a month since we've had mail & I really getting anxious to get some. Maybe I'll get this "book" off to you too. Seven men on here are being transferred for their discharges as soon as we hit port. Boy these guys are just walking on air! If they keep the point system like it is I guess I will be in for quite a while yet, but