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Write very clearly within the lines. In order to expedite censorship, letters should be typed or printed in block capitals.

Hello Bro. Guess you will be surprised to hear from me. It was sure wonderful to know that you wer getting along ok. They tell me that you have a fine 8 1/2 lb girl at your house. Sure would like to see them. Wallace my foot is healing pretty good now. I can walk on my heel by using a walking stick. Maybe it want be long before I can go back to work at the Barber shop. Mary and Ken are ok. And sind their love and best wishes. Got a letter from Dad they are all well except colds. everything in Boaz is running about the same. Their will never be much chang in Boaz I don't guess ha. Haven't heard from Jim in some time. Think he is still in Cal. How is the weather there? It is warm and every thing is in full bloom here. Vivian's bro was heard talking by a lady in New York she wrote his wife. i sure think lots of Ina and Hezzy. I wrote Loddy two letters but they wer returned to me guess the address was rong or something

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