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[TERMS?] OF SERVICE This is a full-rate Telegram or Cablegram unless its deferred character is indicated by a suitable symbol above or preceding the address. ,YA31 WESTERN UNION A.N. WILLIAMS PRESIDENT NEWCOMB CARLTON CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD J. C. WILLEVER FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT 1201 SYMBOLS DL = Day Letter NL = Night Letter LC = Deferred Cable NLT = Cable Night Letter Ship Radiogram The filing time shown in the date line on telegrams and day letters is STANDARD TIME at point of origin. Time of receipt is STANDARD TIME at point of destination NE792 D VIA RCA=CD AMTIPU EFM 1943 DEC 30 AM 7 46 MR MRS O W RANKIN= RT 1 STAUNTON VIR= LOVE AND BEST WISHES FOR CHRISTMAS AND THE NEW YEAR FROM ALL AT HOME ALL WELL. W RANKIN. THE COMPANY WILL APPRECIATE SUGGESTIONS FROM ITS PATRONS CONCERNING ITS SERVICE