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(sgt John W. Ray 3304a  142                         T. H. Mullenberg (sender's name)
29th Q. M. Co APO  #29                                         822 Long Fellow (sender's address)

c/o Postmaster, New York Washington DC New York March 16, 43

D ear Jack

We get our report march 17, and I  
am scared to look at it I am taking Sience, Math, History and Art.  In serving we are making  blouses and
l am all most finish.  Our History teacher makes us buy U.S, War stamps and every Wed our room is 1007 [100%?]  

Our teacher lives way out in the country and she tells use about picking up Soldiers, Sailors, Marines she tells them about our school getting 100% in buying War Stamps and Bonds. Hope this will help you. Write soon

V... - MAIL