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Although the First Division comprines ter - littock to hold the Pass and was sue
some of the oldest unit in the origan cessful in driving the Germans book and
the Division 1 taolis not forward inflicting laty louses. After relief
917 in rande. Istorically. the by the sth 1. 5. Infantry Division on
ofteng Taanization is attery D. of the Yebruary. the Division reorganized. st.
5th t talion Battery was the on tacked, and took Of as ofter a spectati
tire sig hortly after the Revolution: 1or 40 - mile motor mereh.
the rest of the Coiftinental Ar y had During subsequent operations in the
w disbanded by a penurious Congress vicinity of now - famous El Cuettar, the
because of the expense of minton not. Division with tood and drove boek four
Battery Dwa organized by Alexander full - 300le tank and infantry attacks by!
milton in 1776 and fought in the Bat the German 10th Panzer Division. Later
tle of Long Island. the Division moved North in the vicinity
of Loja and engaged in the bitter opera
During the first world war, the Divi. ons which finally resulted in the roll
sion was the first 1. 3. Ar y division to or tour. During these battles to Di
und in France, the first to suffer cas - vision opposed by the famous Ger
ulties and the first to take prisoners. Sarenthin. Regiment. On 7 way, the day
It participated in the Battle or Cartie that Tunis foll. the Division is re
ty, the first rul - scale American offen lieved.
sive, and later in the campaigns of Pie
ord). Wontdidier - Nyons, Alonerne. St. Preparations for the invasion of 51
wiel, House - Argonne Lorraine, Sois cily were made in the vicinity of Oran,
Bons and the Argonne. The 26th Infantry and on 10 July the Division attacked the
was the first Americas infantry regiment beaches of Gola. Gela was quickly taken,
o entor Germany (on 1 Doe 1918) as part but the enemy ande a strong. coordinated
of tho any of occupation. counter - attack during which their tanks
approached to within 1, 000 yards cho
In the present war, advance oluments beach. The Division stood its ground.
oiled for England on 1 July 1942 and and on the following day the advanco
the entire Division was overseas and continued. On 1 August, Troina was co
enraoned in England by 9 August 1942. tured arter av 60 rigting. During the
The Division had beun picked as one of battle the 16th Infantry ropulsed seven
the hosting forces for the invasion counter - attacks, the 18th, one, and the
of North Africa and the capture of Cran. 26th, thirteen. The Division a re
Amphibious training for the invasions 11oved about the middle of August And
was conducted in Scotland during Septon reorganized at Palme Di Montechiaro. Cn
ber and October. On 8 November 1942 the 23 October the Division sailed for the
Division landed two forces on either hand, arriving 5 November.
side of Oran; the 16th and 18th Infantry
Wat whore at ATZO and the 26th Irfan Soon after the Division ' s arrival in
try in the vicinity of Les andalouses. England. Division Houdquarters began
Artor the fall of the Division blooking out plans for the invasion of
was committed piece - meal in the long and France. Preparations included intensive
confused advance rorond Algeria and Tue training Ins ult tooties, street
nisiaj units of the Division operating righting. river crossings, reduction of
under various commands participated in pillboxes and strong points and cahibi
the battles of Tebourbo, med jo - el - 3ab, ous landings. On 6 June 1945 the Divi
and Longstop Hill. During the operation Blon struok at the beaches noor Colle
in the Oussoltis Valley, which began 20 ville - Sur - or in the food of intensivo
January 1943. the Division made its only all - arms fire and morter and artillery
more which was concentrations101d down by full
dictated by a Garmin breakthrough in a strongeren vinson mach and more
other part of the literather than by into the res two days before for anti
This breakthrough invasion maneuvers. After a temporary