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Company M GO [illegible] Virginia National Guard Emporia, Virginia January 27, 1941. Company Order No. 5 1. In accordance with Executive order #[8233?] issued by the Hon. Sec'y of War to the President of the United States dated January 14, 1941, and G.O. #1 A.G.O. Va., dated January 10, 1941 directing that all Personnel of the 29th N.C. Div. active and inactive assigned thereto be ordered into the active Military Service of the United States effective Feb. 3rd, 1941. 2. In accordance with above orders all Personnel of Co. M 116th Inf. Va., N.G. both active and inactive are hereby ordered to report to their respective Armory at Emporia, Va., on February 3rd, 1941, in time for assembly in uniform at 9:00 A.M. for the purpose of being inducted into the Army of the United States. 3. Each individual will bring with him on reporting all the military equipment in his possession and the following articles: All necessary toilet articles, towels, razor, mirror, soap, tooth brush and paste, also a good supply of underwear, socks and shoe polish, a couple of sheets will add to your comfort and can be brought if you so desire. These articles will be issued after arrival at training center. 4. Notify your employer the date of induction and request a leave of absence, to be effective upon induction and acceptance after your physical examination. 5. Remind your friends that you will be under strict military discipline and very busy while at home station and it will be impossible to see them unless on pass. [signature] John E. Lashley Capt. 116th Inf.Va. N.G. Comd'g Company M Dis.--All members Company M Feb 3rd 1941