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(6) [United States Army Logo] UNITED STATES ARMY ...and wanding when will I put that other ring awn your finger I wish you had it awn right now honey that is the truth to if I had to go over what I have already you would to, honey. but you I now how it is, don't you Dearling. I know I hate to keep you waiting but i just can't help it honey I do all I can for you, but one of these days our wishes will come true I hope & pray for Both of us, I can see your shinging eys right this every minuit just thinking where could I be at honey. I do the same thing just set and think about what you are doing honey and no one in this world know how I feel over you but God him self. So I will close and try and get some sleep. so I will write so as I posibile can honey and every time I can to. So be good and I will be just waiting to get back into my dearling arms again. Night honey with the best of luck. that any body can give the girl he loves the best. I will always love you honey always. Love Leroy F