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THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON TO MEMBERS OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY EXPEDITIONARY FORCES: You are a soldier of the United States Army. You have embarked for distant places where the war is being fought. Upon the outcome depends the freedom of your lives: the freedom of the lives of those you love—your fellow-citizens—your people. Never were the enemies of freedom more tyrannical, more arrogant, more brutal. Yours is a God-fearing, proud, courageous people, which, throughout its history, has put its freedom under God before all other purposes. We who stay at home have our duties to perform—duties owed in many parts to you. You will be supported by the whole force and power of this Nation. The victory you win will be a victory of all the people—common to them all. You bear with you the hope, the confidence, the gratitude and the prayers of your family, your fellow-citizens, and your President— Franklin D Roosevelt Franklin D Roosevelt San Francisco