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Tuesday Nite. July 7th 1943. Dearest Erma: I will answer your most [illegible] letter I received a couple days back was real happy too hear from you & to find out everyone is getting along fine and you'd better quit working outside like you said you were for there's such a thing as one over doing themselves. I heard from Alton today, I don't understand him he said he wrote you to send me the watch & he was sure it was on the way. He's making $50 a mo. & far as I know he hasn't sent any money home but I guess it takes all of his cash too see his girl friend & keep up with what he has to. I'm not bragging on myself but I have to keep my insurance up &pressing of my clothes & a few little odds & ins, I sent Mother & Dad between eleven & twelve hundred dollars, & now have an alottment which will take care of them, the Government pays so much