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[?] fact he spent about 15 minutes contrasting the method of the United States with other governments and by referring to localities and even by name at times it was evident that he was contrasting Russia's pr[e]sent role in Europe and perhaps China with the United States' granting of independence, etc. His speech left no doubt as to where he stood on the matter and the Hukbalahaps (radicals here in central Luzon who have been fighting the populace and MPs for some time) were given to understand that they would be dealt with fairly but firmly with the first requirement being to lay down their arms. Rumor has it that Russia has been furnishing them arms, but they probably had enough from us to do what they've done without outside help. Everyone and his brother has a carbine over here and plenty of ammunition has floated around or been stolen from time to time. At the conclusion of the speech I went to the City Hall building, fourth floor, where I had a good view of most of the review, which included, in addition to some armed units, a group of veterans who had fought the Spanish in 1898 led by Aquinaldo. These old boys were dressed in blue with broad brimmed hats and I went down to the street to get a close up picture of them. Also had many other such units, scouts, guerillas, floats galore, very pretty and colorful. As I could gather, the reaction in general to the whole affair and was more of a [formality?] than a lifting of any bonds or bursting of any blood vessels because of a sudden feeling of freedom. Our army was still here in great evidence. We still had [illegible] bases, were still giving them financial aid, and in fact even the guests as the ceremonies were so predominantly American that it had more the aspect of a two party show than the international birth of a nation. Sometimes a combination of very small things give a truer insight to the actual cause and effect than the outward manifestations displayed on a rostrum through prepared speeches made for public consumption. The absence of heads of foreign states or governments was most noticeable. It may be assumed that if our own President couldn't get away to attend that those of other governments couldn't either, but doubt if that is the entire answer. Many things go on for which we appear to be unprepared and either inexperienced or just not up to par.

The ball at Malananyan Palace Thursday night was apparently quite an affair with girls dancing beautiful native dances, etc. until about midnight when the general dancing started. As one officer said, he'd like to have been there if for no other reason than to see Mrs. McNutt (very tall and rather large) dance with Roxas (about my size). From the description in the papers the costumes were what would be expected and the affair a huge success.

Yesterday's paper carried an article on McNutt resigning sometime in August to go into the practice of law in New York city. My guess is that he is laying the groundwork for 1948, and will have to be reckoned with by the boys at the convention.

Almost forgot to tell you that the ships out in the harbor which was directly in front of the stands and only about 600 yards away were gaily decorated with their flags out and gave answering salutes with their big guns. The flashes could be seen with large billows of black smock pouring up. There was also a big display of rockets and flares.

I'm anxious to [get?] back to the States, as you [have heard?] only too often, and understand from [other?] officers [illegible] conditions [illegible] [pleasant?] and settled back [illegible] from her