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And then as I wondered I was sure 'twas a gag When I noticed his pack was a blue barracks bag, Then he reached in his bag, and without hesitation Turned to my tent-mate with a pack of "K" ration, He dug in again and came up with some Spam "C: ration cookies and Bully Beef Ham, He followed this quickly with dehydrated potatoes, And then he reached in for a can of tomatoes. And then he remarked there was work he must do, So he raised a plump finger and away he flew. I dashed to the tent flap and was able to see Him get in his sled as he waved back to me. Away Willys "On Ford" - was his cry in the night And in no time at all he was clear out of sight, I[']ll still have to laugh when I'm ancient and old At the thought of St Nick sliding down that that pole. That;s all there is to it - the story is through But before I sign off, here is my wish to you "May Your Christmas be happy and filled with good cheer! May you be well and Merry throughout the Year! Henry