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Military Education 1 4 Name or Type of School--Course or Curriculum--Duration--Description Radio Repariman Signal Corp Sch. Ft. Monmouth, NJ. 32 Wks. Had following courses: Electricity AC, DC, shop techniques, radio theory, maintainance, repair aircraft equip.

Civilian Education 15 Highest Grade Completed 12 16 Degrees or Diplomas Diploma 17 Year Left School 1938 18 Name and Address of Last School Attended North Eat High Phila. Pa. 19 Major Courses of Study Industrial Other Training or Schooling 20 Course--Name and Address of School--Date Electronics DeForest Training Chicago, Ill. 21 Duration 2 yrs correspond. Civilian Occupations 22 Title--Name and Address of Employer--Including dates--Description Radio Repairman: 5-83.411 1938 to 41 Repaired defective radios, tested circuits, tubes and other parts. Built and rebuilt complete radio sets. Also installed and tested radios in private homes. Either fixed defective parts in radio or replaced defective part with new one. Worked for Springfield Electric and Radio Service in Phila. Pa. Additional Information 23 Remarks None 24 Signature of Person being Separated Leslie N Newton 25 Signature of Separation Classification Officer M.E.Goldberg 26 Name of Officer (Typed or Stamped0 M.E. Goldberg, Capt. [AGD?] U.S. Government printing office-O-[067477?]