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Nice, quiet day. Eat, sleep, read. (Barracks Guard) Had a field problem. Seems a bit silly now that the war is over. Received an alert order to-day. Wonder where we're headed? We're off again at noon. May go to the Capitol. Some city! No K.P.!! Getting all packed up ready to leave in the morning. Don't know where. We leave at 9:30 by Rail, troop train-all pullman- means long trip. Train left at 1 P.M.-finally!! Seem to be going north Thur, Maryland, Va. & W. Va. Penn, Ohio, Ill & Chicago. Indiana, N.Dakota. Montanna, and Washington, some trip & still going. We're suppoed to get there to-day. Just came into Oregon. Yes, it's camp again, near Salem, Oreg. Had a "short" physical, got our business in order-maybe we are going overseas!! Ha!! Co.D-5-2