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1. Last Name - First Name - Middle Initial Graham Joseph B 2. Army Serial Number 0 525 390 3. Aus. Grade 1st Lt 4. Arm or Service INF 5. Component ORC 6. Organization 15th QM Car Plat 7. Date of Relief From Active Duty 7 Sep 46 8. Place of Separation Separation Center Fort Bragg NC 9. Permanent Address for Mailing Purposes RFD #1 Goshen Virginia 10. Date of Birth 5 Nov 21 11. Place of Birth Goshen VA 12. Address from which employment will be sought See 9 13. Color Eyes Brown 14. Color Hair Brown 15. Height 5' 11 1/2" 16. Weight 151 lbs. 17. No. of Dependents 0 18. Race White X Negro Other (specify) 19. Marital Status Single X Married Other (specify) 20. U. S. Citizen Yes X No 21. Civilian Occupation and No. Student College X-02

Military History Selective Service Data 22. Registered Yes X No 23. Local S. S. Board Number

  1. 1

24. County and State Rockbridge Co. VA 25. Home address at the time of entry or active duty See 9 26. Date of Entry on Active Duty 14 Oct. 43 27. Military Occupational Specialty and No. INF UNIT COMMANDER 1542 28. Battles and Campaigns Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon Luzon 29. Decoration and Citations None 30. Wounds Received in Action None 31. Service Schools Attended The Inf School Officers Special Basic 32. Service Outside Continental U.S. and Return Date of Departure Destination Date of Arrival 10 May 45 Philippines 4 JUN 45 8 JUN 46 U S A 20 JUN 46 33. Reason and Authority for Separation RELD FR AD WD RR!-1 (DEMOB) LO HQ FT LAWTON WASH 20 JUN 46 34. Current Tour of Active Duty Continental Service 1 Year 9 Months 13 Days Foreign Service 1 Year 1 Months 11 Days 35 Education (years) Grammar School 7 High School 4 College 4 INSURANCE NOTICE IMPORTANT If premium is not paid when due or within thirty-one days thereafter. Insurance will lapse. Make Checks or Money Orders Payable to the treasurer of the U.S. and forward to collections subdivision, Veterans Administration, Washington 25, D.C. 36. KIND OF INSURANCE Nat. Serv. X U.S. Govt. None 37. HOW PAID Allotment X Direct to V. A. 38. Effective Date of Allotment Discontinuance SEP 46 38. Date of Next Premium Due (one month after 38) OCT 46 40. Premium Due Each Month $6.50 41. Intention of Veteran to Continue X Continue only $ Discontinue 42. Right Thumb Print [affixed] 43. REMARKS (This space for completion of above items or entry of other items specified in W. D. Directives.) AUTH: AMERICAN THEATER RIBBON | OCCUPATION MEDAL (JAPAN) | PHILIPPINE LIBERATION RIBBON | O T L FROM 30 JUN 46 OT 7 SEP 46 | LAPEL BUTTON ISSUED | VICTORY MEDAL WW 2 44. SIGNATURE OF OFFICER BEING SEPARATED Joseph B Graham 45. PERSONNEL OFFICER (Type name, grade and organizations - signature) EUGENE E DUNCAN CAPT AUS [signed] Eugene E Duncan WD AGO FORM 53-98 1 November 1944 This form supersedes all previous editions of WD AGO Forms 43 and 280 for officers entitled to a Certificate of Service, which will not be used after receipt of this revision.