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Army of the United St

%LULU! JOSEPH 0 525 390 B 11 -y•-- let it INFANTRY UNIT COMM= (1542) let Lt LT"' 11 let it HEADQUARTERS LETACHNRIT CCUBANDER (2900) ---- aa_Oot 41 7 Sent 46 5 Nov 21 SZECEILITANIA00NG SUM.IIT OF MM. °CORM. INFANTRY UNIT COMANDER Nerved es an Infantry it commender in the continental United States and the Pacific Theater of operations. Was responsible for administration, training, and discipline. Directed the transportation, equipment, supply, and security activities of unit. Mae familiar .ith infantry tactical and technical operations. Directed the preparation of corrempondenee, reports and standard military forme. Was responsible for all other administrative duties pertaining to unit. '7111■,1 otittitinstk•As SFRAILATION QUALIFICATION RECORD 8.11 nr 1.011.1. IT .0.1 NOT Ile MIRACED If LO.