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1. The angle between the axis of the bore and the line of sight is the angle of elevation 2. The highest point reached in the trajectory is called the Max. ordinate 3. The pattern made by the cone of fire as it strikes the ground is called the beaten zone. Only 85% of the shots are considered effective. 4. The size of the beaten zone is affected by the range and by the slope of terrain at the point of impact. 5. The length of the beaten zone becomes shorter when the trajectory falls at right angles to the ground. 6. Machine gun fire may be classified with respect to the gun, the target, and the ground. 7. When the center of the cone of fire does not rise above the height of a standing man, the fire is called grazing. 8. Large numbers of enemy troops are approaching your gun position at close range. The most effective class of fire you could use, with respect to the gun, is called swinging traverse. 9. To cause a fairly dense overlap in the beaten zone a traverse of 2 mils is usually sufficient. 10. The three basic elements of a fire order are target designation, fire distribution, and fire control. 11. The three methods normally used to designate targets are oral designation, lay the gun and firing the gun. 12. The primary job of the gunner, in addition to the actual firing of the gun, is to observe the strike and adjust his fire whenever possible. 13. The primary job of the No. 2 man in a squad is to watch the section leader. 14. in the fire order, when a reference is used, it is necessary to precede the description of the target by the word target. 15. For the HMG the medium rate is 1/2 chest per minute. 16. Each graduation of the horizontal mil scale of the M3 binoculars is equivalent to 10 mils. 17. If a wide target can be designated only by use of a reference and mil measurements, the No. 2 gun normally would lay initially left half. 18. AAP data may be obtained by using either the gun or the binoculars.